Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery Before & After

Valerie Harper plastic surgery story was quite plausible considering how well “Rhoda” appears to be aging. However, rumors have been proven false since the revelation of her condition as she battles brain cancer. This Hollywood icon whose career started in the late 60s rose to super-stardom in the 70s after she landed the role of Rhoda on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. On many interviews since her battle with cancer was first made public, she adamantly proclaimed that she has not undergone cosmetic surgery, and nor does she have any desire to get any work done in the future.

Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery Before & After

Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery Before & After

At 74, Harper is certainly one of the few Hollywood A-listers who opted not to avail themselves of modern plastic surgery technology. She maintains that her looks are the result of a healthy beauty regimen that consists of antioxidant-rich foods, regular exercises, adequate sleep, and the use of natural skincare products. She confessed that she absolutely dreads any type of invasive procedure, and she would only undergo surgery if it is absolutely necessary.

Valerie Harper Plastic Surgery

Her battle with brain cancer (originally diagnosed as brain cancer, but metastasized to the membranes of the brain) has been particularly harrowing, but she has since pulled through and is thriving. As far as the rumors on her supposed surgery procedures, she merely stated that she does not feel it is necessary at this point in her life and that she prefers to age as gracefully and naturally as possible.

Photos of Valerie Harper below show that apart from the wrinkles she developed over the past three decades, her facial features have not shown any signs of cosmetic touch-ups at all. It is rather refreshing to know that some women in Hollywood still take the natural route to aging.

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