Tori Amos Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Tori Amos Plastic Surgery Before & After

Tori Amos is not only well-known for regularly changing her hair color, but also a plastic surgery possibility she has done along her career to reach the stardom.

Tori Amos loves to change her appearance, including undergoing the surgeon knife to enhance her appearance. One of the most visible surgery sign is a nose job. If we are comparing her photos when she first started her debut, it is obvious that she has a bumpy nose with a larger nose bridge, and the new nose appears slimmer and the bump seems has been removed. So then, many speculate that she has had a nose job (rhinoplasty).

Tori Amos Plastic Surgery

In addition to a nose job, we can also notice that her face looks very fresh and vibrant. Moreover, her eyebrows seems have been a little bit elevated. So, it’s also possible that she has had a brow lift and possibly skin laser treatment to create a youthful look. What do you think? Do you agree with us?

Tori Amos Plastic Surgery

Respond to Tori Amos plastic surgery rumor, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif explained that Tori Amos seems to have had a brow lift, Botox or fillers to achieve a fresher look. While New York plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrrell J. Aston says that Tori Amos is likely having a brow lift, eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty), Botox and a neck lift.

While it is hard to know what other surgery procedures she possibly had, we also speculate that she has a deal with botox, laser treatment and chemical peels to keep her skin smooth.

Well, what is your mind? Does she have more procedures? Please feel free to speak your mind….

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