Toni Braxton Nose Job Before & After Photos

Toni Braxton Nose Job Before & After

Well, plastic surgery has been popular for the celebrity life, even in one year there are some media that expose about the plastic surgery rumors among the actresses. Hmm, it’s actually tragic but it’s real, because not all the plastic surgery got successful, it takes a great risk. However, to maintain their appearance, most actresses want to change her image through the plastic surgery to enhance their performance in order to get a better look than before. One of the Hollywood actresses that got successful in her plastic surgery is Toni Braxton. She is really looking charming than before, she is rumored to have undergone multiple plastic surgery procedures.

This R&B singer is claimed to have undergone some procedure of plastic surgery such as; a boob job, Botox, nose job and fat grafting to her cheek. However, Toni has clarified in the media that she got a breast augmentation and nose job as well, but she didn’t admit to having any other surgery to improve her appearance. Although, she denied about the other procedures of plastic surgery, but the public and her fans still believe that she did more of procedure than breast implants and nose job. Her surgery rumor is actually true; it can be proved by showing her former pictures. She got really charming and looked much perfect than before.

Moreover, Dr. Michael Salzhauer said that Toni Braxton has a different face shape over the time. He guessed that she underwent Botox and fillers to augment her cheek. Well, what do you think about Toni Braxton plastic surgery? Do you agree that Toni Braxton has more plastic surgery?

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