Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before & After

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before & After

Tom Cruise has been adamant that he has never had plastic surgery and never will. For a star over 50, this is an unusual statement given that celebrities usually use their second half of a century to clamor for any and all treatments to preserve their appearance. While many fans applaud Tom’s dead-set attitude on the subject, others are left wondering how much this statement really means giving the fact that Tom has appeared to grow younger and younger each year.

Tom is no stranger to plastic surgery controversy, for years surgeons have alleged that Tom may have undergone a nose job sometime in the 1990s, as he sported a shapelier nose with sharper contours and less flaring. However, this remained a topic of gossip with little proof either way. Tom’s wild antics in the public eye have drawn attention away from the topic of plastic surgery in recent years, but die-hard fans cannot help but notice that not only is he not aging, he actually appears younger than he did years ago. Few plastic surgery specialists can look at Tom’s comparison photographs and not find evidence of cosmetic treatments.

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Photo

Tom does sport a smooth and wrinkle-free neck, cheek area and forehead. Many surgeons attribute this to Botox, though his surgeon should be recognized for managing to avoid that constant “shocked” look so common to frequent Botox use. Tom’s plump face is a complete contrast to his lean body, causing many specialists to believe that skin plumper has been injected to keep the tight, gaunt look so common in middle aged men. Filler, such as Restylane can erase deep wrinkles, and it is likely Tom has opted for something along these lines. Regardless of the exact procedures used, Tom’s plastic surgeon seems skilled at keeping evidence of treatment under wraps.

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