Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery Before & After

Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery Before & After

In California, it isn’t hard to come across celebs that have happily gone under the knife. However, most of them don’t like to speak about the Botox treatments and reconstructive surgeries they go through to enhance their appearance. As is evident, it comes as a surprise then that Taylor Armstrong from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills isn’t scared to admit that she has in fact undergone plastic surgery; not once, but several times!

A lot has been written and speculated about Taylor Armstrong plastic surgery. The 40 year old celeb is one of the few stars who openly admit she had breast implants, Botox and fillers to get her plump, luscious pout and chiseled facial structure. Dr. Paul Nassif has done extensive work with Taylor right from the premier her Beverly Hills show, Beverly Hills, including giving her Radiesse injections for face Volumizing, and as a result she looks very different today when compared to her younger days.

Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery

According to Dr, Michael Salzhauer, a plastic surgeon practicing in Miami, Taylor gets a tad of help from dermal fillers like Juvederm or Radiesse for fuller looking cheeks and lips, along with Botox injections around the eyes and forehead to maintain her stunning looks. However, does she turn to surgery only because she wanted to become famous, or was the reason more sinister?

On 18th August 2011, the Mail Online reported that Taylor needed surgery to correct the damage done to her face after being physically assaulted by her husband, Russell. While she divorced him shortly afterwards, in June 2011 Taylor was rushed to a hospital post a violent fight according to RadarOnline, and spent days there undergoing re-constructive surgery and recuperating. Taylor endured a six-year tumultuous marriage to Russell, who was notorious for his bad temper and wasn’t averse to the idea of resorting to physical violence. Taylor has openly claimed that she was physically and verbally abused during her marriage, and often resorted to wearing heavy make-up to hide the extent of the damage. Could that be the true reason behind her surgery?

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