Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before & After


Tara Reid Plastic Surgery Before & After

Tara Reid has successfully reached the stardom, but ironically the plastic surgery she has done in opposite from her successful acting career.

Tara Reid, 37, has long become a center of public attention; she has been rumored to have had several plastic surgery procedures to enhance her look, but all of them not successfully done.  She has been reported to have had a boob job (breast augmentation) and stomach liposuction.

One of the most obvious signs of plastic surgery she has had is a boob job (breast augmentation). If we are taking a comparison of her old photos and the most recent one, it is undeniable that her breasts grow bigger than before. Tara Reid breast looks very unnatural, as her breast extremely bigger for her skinny body frame.

Tara Reid Plastic Boob Job

In the past years ago, Tara Reid accidentally showed off her botched breast implants on the NYC red carpet. The accident has invited many critics from people, some of them believe that her breast poorly healed due to she is a smoker, while some other joked that Tara Reid may pay her breast implants with a coupon.

Tara Reid has openly admitted that she has had a boob job; she told that her breasts were uneven, so she needs to undergo breast augmentation to fix them.

Tara Reid Plastic Breast Implants

In addition to having a boob job, Tara Reid also admitted to having had a liposuction. She told that she got Lipo even though she has a skinny body frame, I wanted a six pack. Tragically, the liposuction was not done well; her stomach appears to have scary lumpy or saggy skin which makes as if she much older than her real age.

The recent news told that Tara Reid is going to have another reconstructive plastic surgery to fix the previous botch surgery. Well, let’s see how well the next plastic surgery performed.

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