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Gillian Anderson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Most famous for her role as Agent Dana Scully on the hit Fox series The X-Files, Gillian Anderson may be one of the only actresses in Hollywood who is “growing old gracefully.” Voted one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in 1997, Anderson still looks beautiful and youthful at 45 years of age. Rumors of plastic surgery have surrounded Anderson within the p... »

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery – Another Extreme Hollywood Transformation

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery – Another Extreme Hollywood Transformation

Amanda Lepore definitely has had plenty of plastic surgery and she is not quiet about it as many highly popular public figures are. Amanda has openly talked about her surgeries and sex change. She has become somewhat of an icon in the transgendered and gay world, as being a very open brave public figure that is not afraid of seeking out who she is and what she needed to be secure in herself. She i... »

Meg Ryan Facelift Nightmare – What Happened to America’s Sweetheart?

Before Julia Roberts took over the throne, Meg Ryan is the original America’s sweetheart who made the audience laugh, cry, and swoon in admiration. Until the mid-90s, Meg was known to be a natural beauty with a lot of that girl-next-door personality that made her so beloved by her fans. Things changed, however, when she decided to get her very first cosmetic procedure sometime in 1996-1997. ... »

Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery Before & After

Celebrities claim to have undergone some plastic surgery procedures for a variety of reasons. Many have become the victims of this treatment gossip, but some brush aside the rumors. The rumors of Giuliana Rancic plastic surgery combined two reasons – one was to improve her looks and the other was for medical reasons. Rancic, at 38, is speculated to have had Botox injections, breast implants,... »

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Before & After

Lindsay Lohan is a celebrity that has been marred with all sorts of controversies. From getting caught up in legal hassles of being arrested for DUI, the starlet seems to be having a troubled lifestyle. It has not always been mayhem for Lindsay. She has had a successful acting career since her breakout in 2004 after starring in the movie Disney’s Herbie: Fully Loaded. Cracks started showing ... »

Courteney Cox Has Undegone Several Plastic Surgery Procedures

Some celebs will openly confess that they enhanced their physical assets with a little surgical help, while others deny it vehemently. A recent rumor doing the rounds is that the ‘Friends’ star, Courteney Cox has joined the celeb bandwagon who believe in altering their face to retain their youthful look. It has been reported that the star appeared on the sets of ‘Hello, I Must Be Going... »

Taylor Armstrong Plastic Surgery Before & After

In California, it isn’t hard to come across celebs that have happily gone under the knife. However, most of them don’t like to speak about the Botox treatments and reconstructive surgeries they go through to enhance their appearance. As is evident, it comes as a surprise then that Taylor Armstrong from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills isn’t scared to admit that she has in fact undergone plasti... »

Hilary Duff Plastic Surgery Before & After

Most women would quickly agree that they would do anything to stay young looking. This is why beauty products are big sellers. Yet, when we hear that celebrities such as Hilary Duff may have had plastic surgery to keep their youthful image we grin and shake our heads. Do we do that because we actually are against the acts of plastic surgery or do we do that because we would be fighting the aging p... »

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Disaster

Evangelist Joyce Meyer has been known for her uplifting and charismatic messages. Thousands follow her sermons and teachings to improve their daily life and better their relationship with God. Many people tune in faithfully to her television show to listen and learn how to better follow the divine path as Christians, however recently more and more people tune in, not to hear her message, but to se... »

Stephanie Pratt Plastic Surgery Before & After

Stephanie Pratt is an American television personality popular for her role on the reality television show “The Hills.” She is one celebrity that people believe have taken plastic surgery to the extreme. When you look at pictures of Stephanie before she even became famous, her looks are completely different now. She was always a natural beauty though, even more so before going under the... »

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