Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before & After

Did Ali Lohan Have Plastic Surgery?

The L Word: Real or Not? The Lohan name is no stranger to media speculation or fodder. From the “star of the show” Lindsay, to her partying mother, Dina, to her often unruly father, Michael, it seems the L word is plastered all over the tabloids and online media sites these days. And sister Ali is no exception. The model has sported a transformation recently with her appearance. While she was alwa... »

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before & After

Park Bom Plastic Surgery – How Much Is Too Much?

This is less a question of whether Park Bom has had plastic surgery, but more a question of when will she stop? Enough is enough. And the tragedy is that she is barely more than two decades old. Bom, of 2NE1 fame, has had a laundry list of procedures done, beginning with double eyelid surgery (yes we said double. Why didn’t she proudly display her Asian heritage rather than try to mask it? Park, w... »

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Before & After

Taking a Hit in Hollywood With the recent cancellation of Whitney Cumming’s comedic talk show, the sometimes raunchy, foul-mouthed (yet forever hot) actress recently told Howard Stern she was obviously disappointed with NBC’s decision to give her show the boot, and on a personal note, even though she understands “things happen” and it was more “business than personal” her self-esteem, self-image a... »

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery Before & After

Katrina Kaif has gone from looking like the girl next door to looking like a girl who has been around the block a few times, and then some. While the actress once sported cute, round cheeks and a brilliant smile accentuated by pouty lips and an upturned nose, she now resembles someone straight out of The Vampire Diaries. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for people wanting to improve themselves, but s... »

Delta Burke Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

It can sometimes be difficult to spot celebrity plastic surgeries, but there are other times when the results are blatantly obvious. One example of this is Delta Burke, who many of you might remember as Suzanne Sugarbaker on the TV series Designing Women. The stunning woman from that show has definitely had some bad luck with plastic surgery, showing that the wrong plastic surgeon (or at the very ... »

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Courtney Love, known for her roles as songstress for Hole, Kurt Cobain’s widow, and as a woman who has dealt with some serious drug issues, has now found another reason to enter the limelight.  While normally said limelight is a good thing for celebrities, I am positive that the ex-blonde bombshell is not quite so welcoming of this attention. »

Linda Thompson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Linda Thompson is Elvis Presley’s former love interest and Bruce Jenner’s former wife. However, she might also be known for the serious plastic surgery procedures that have brought the sixty year old notoriety. Linda does not seem to age in her photos that is very strange for a sixty year old Beauty Queen. »

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery – Another Extreme Hollywood Transformation

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery – Another Extreme Hollywood Transformation

Amanda Lepore definitely has had plenty of plastic surgery and she is not quiet about it as many highly popular public figures are. Amanda has openly talked about her surgeries and sex change. She has become somewhat of an icon in the transgendered and gay world, as being a very open brave public figure that is not afraid of seeking out who she is and what she needed to be secure in herself. She i... »

Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery – How Well Her Look After Having Plastic Surgery

We have all loved her for her gourmet dishes, her passion for food and the charming looks that refuse to betray her age. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson is drop dead gorgeous and from that rare breed of women who can make the curves look sexy. Even at 53, the celebrity chef does not look any more that 40 years old. She has been an inspiration to thousands of women who had watched her on television. ... »

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Before & After

Sharon Stone is perhaps one of the most iconic actresses ever to appear in movies. Apart from her acting prowess, she is also known for her astonishing good looks, as she is regarded as one of America’s most beautiful women. Over the years, people have debated over whether Stone has had cosmetic enhancements that improved her looks. The truth is that Sharon Stone plastic surgery is simply a ... »

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