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Delta Burke Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

It can sometimes be difficult to spot celebrity plastic surgeries, but there are other times when the results are blatantly obvious. One example of this is Delta Burke, who many of you might remember as Suzanne Sugarbaker on the TV series Designing Women. The stunning woman from that show has definitely had some bad luck with plastic surgery, showing that the wrong plastic surgeon (or at the very ... »

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before & After

The recent Oscars award ceremony saw the net result of many years worth of plastic surgery done on Kim Novak’s face. The 81 year old veteran actress who is best known for movies such as Vertigo (Alfred Hitchcock), and Of Human Bondage attended the Academy Awards and she certainly shocked a lot of people with the current state of her face. To say that the Kim Novak plastic surgery went overbo... »

Paula White Plastic Surgery Before & After

Paula White plastic surgery scandal is just a small part of a rather interesting saga that began with accusations of theft and embezzlement. This very popular televangelist and life coach is the former wife of Randy White, who is also a ministry leader. Bishop White reportedly accused his then wife of stealing 2 million dollars worth of equipment to support her shopping and plastic surgery addicti... »

Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery Before & After

Ronn Moss has featured in the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful for the last 25 years. He shocked the showbiz world when he announced his departure from one of the oldest Soap Operas. Ronn admitted to quitting the show to sort greener pastures. Ronn was undoubtedly one of the hottest male casts in the show, who left women dazzled with his charisma and charm. The 62-year-old American actor ... »

Lara Flynn Boyle Plastic Surgery Before & After

Lara Flynn Boyle plastic surgery has long become a center of public attention. The “Twin Peaks” star has recently appeared with a very scary look, so then many people think that she has undergone over aggressive plastic surgery along her career. Lara Flynn Boyle surgery can be categorized as the worst plastic surgery, as her current appearance looks worse and scarier than ever. You may... »

Kristin Chenoweth Plastic Surgery Before & After

Many people curious about Kristin Chenoweth plastic surgery. Recently, Kristin Chenoweth looked more beautiful than before. What has made her more beautiful? The question will be answered by the actress herself. She confirms that she really has it. The public now knows that she has plastic surgery and she has many different things, mainly in her face. Although her age is 42 years old, she looks ve... »

Fergie Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

If there is a list of Hollywood celebrities who had undergone plastic surgery, Fergie must be found on the list. Stacey Ferguson, or commonly called as Fergie is a famous Hollywood celebrity who was known to go under the knife to elevate her beauty. Some surgical treatments were done to modify some parts of her body. Boob job, nose job and Botox injection are several surgical procedures done by th... »

Jennifer Westfeldt Plastic Surgery Before & After

Jennifer Westfeldt plastic surgery rumor is still buzzing in the public and the media. The rumors start to spread as she was captured with a different look. The most remarkable change comes from her cheeks. It looks weird and unnatural. Hence, the rumor that she has done a plastic surgery come to the surface. To make it clear, please take a look at the Westfeldt before and after photos. Before tak... »

Nikki Cox Plastic Surgery Before & After

Nikki Cox has been rumored to have plastic surgery to boost her appearance. Nikki Cox, 35, has been speculated to have lip & cheek implants, boob job (breast implants), facelift and Botox injection as well. If we are taking a comparison of her photos, it is obvious that her appearance has changed. Nikki’s lips are looking much bigger and fuller. If we are comparing her old photo and the new on... »

Jada Pinkett Smith Plastic Surgery Before & After

Jada Pinkett Smith plastic surgery rumor has become a center of attention among fans. They are worried to know whether her face change as a result of surgeon’s help or naturally done. »

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