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Kim Kardashian Butt Implants Before & After

Butt Injections Plastic Surgery Is On The Rise

It seems like every magazine and TV show is talking about butt injections plastic surgery. The fashion and celebrity world is focused on a shapelier, more feminine model of the ideal silhouette, and the big boobs and no hips ideal of a decade ago are over. Kim Kardashian is a one-woman army for the new look, along with Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicki Minaj. Fashion conscious women are flocking ... »

Vida Guerra Plastic Surgery

Vida Guerra Plastic Surgery – Boob Job & Butt Implants

Fitness model Vida Guerra is one of many models that have received breast augmentation surgery. In her most recent case of cosmetic surgery, she was partly trying to counteract some of the physical consequences of her various fitness competitions. People that do fitness training at a very high level will often lose most of their body fat. Women that do a significant level of fitness training may l... »

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery – Another Extreme Hollywood Transformation

Amanda Lepore Plastic Surgery – Another Extreme Hollywood Transformation

Amanda Lepore definitely has had plenty of plastic surgery and she is not quiet about it as many highly popular public figures are. Amanda has openly talked about her surgeries and sex change. She has become somewhat of an icon in the transgendered and gay world, as being a very open brave public figure that is not afraid of seeking out who she is and what she needed to be secure in herself. She i... »

Coco Austin Butt Implants

Coco Austin Butt Implants Before & After

In Hollywood, you can become famous in one of two different ways. Either you become a celebrity yourself or you get married to one. In the case of Coco Austin, it is the latter as she is currently the wife of rapper Ice T. While most celebrities are under fire for supposedly having plastic surgery, few are as controversial as this lady. The Coco Austin butt implants saga is something of a running ... »

Kim Kardashian Butt Implants Before & After

Kim Kardashian Butt Implants – The Truth Amid Rumors

So much has been said about Kim Kardashian’s sizable behind that it basically became the reality star’s bread and butter. Over the years, people have speculated about Kim Kardashian butt implants as well as fat injections or fat transfer, but there has yet to be any definitive proof on the matter. Kim K has vehemently denied ever getting implants or injections to augment her buttocks, ... »

Kenya Moore Butt Implants

Kenya Moore Butt Implants Before & After

Kenya Moore is perhaps one of the most well known housewife in the history of the Real Housewives franchise, mainly because of her title as former Miss Michigan and Miss USA 1993. These days, Moore is a reality TV star who has her share of media attention and the usual intrigue that comes with it. Among the most talked about piece of gossip about the former beauty queen is the allegation of her ge... »

Kelly Rowland Butt Implants

Kelly Rowland Butt Implants Before & After

Kelly Rowland‘s behind has been the subject of much debate since her Destiny’s Child days, but even more so now that she is a solo artist. Rumors about Kelly Rowland butt implants have circulated since people and the Paparazzi started to notice her sizable derriere during onstage live performances. While she was by no means flat in that area before, her buttocks are now quite prominent... »

Nicki Minaj Butt Implants

Nicki Minaj Butt Implants Before & After

Nicki Minaj butt implants rumors have been spreading like wildfire since the popular pop RnB artist rose to superstar status. While she is not exactly the first Hollywood celebrity to be the subject of plastic surgery speculations, Minaj is a particularly interesting topic because her butt is rather prominent. Regardless of what she is wearing (which recently is not all that much clothing at all),... »

Coco Austin Plastic Surgery Before & After

This sexy model is grasping the attention of everybody lately. Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin is married to famous rapper Ice T and is not shy about flaunting her ass-ets! Mrs Austin has her own magazine-aptly named COCO mag. Never camera shy, we can easily notice a few things that stand out on such a petite frame. At 5’’2 and weighing only 135lbs, it is safe to say that the former swim-wear model has had s... »

Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Before & After

Kenya Moore Plastic Surgery Before & After

Kenya Moore plastic surgery could be true or not before we find out the evidence. You will see whether she really got plastic surgery or not and reason why she did. The rumor about plastic surgery done by Kenya Moore absolutely makes people curious. They find different look of Kenya Moore thus they assume that former of miss USA probably got plastic surgery. If we compare her pictures as she atten... »

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