Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before & After

Did Ali Lohan Have Plastic Surgery?

The L Word: Real or Not? The Lohan name is no stranger to media speculation or fodder. From the “star of the show” Lindsay, to her partying mother, Dina, to her often unruly father, Michael, it seems the L word is plastered all over the tabloids and online media sites these days. And sister Ali is no exception. The model has sported a transformation recently with her appearance. While she was alwa... »

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Before & After

Ashley Judd Plastic Surgery Gone Awry

It’s never good when it’s shockingly obvious that a celebrity has decided to go through with plastic surgery. This almost always means that a plastic surgery procedure was botched somewhere along the way, resulting in unnatural features that are immediately apparent and obvious to everyone with a brain. This usually (but not always) destroys the otherwise natural beauty of a particular Hollywood s... »

Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Before & After

Did Lara Spencer Have Plastic Surgery?

Lara Spencer is in the public eye much more often than most — she is a television journalist, after all, so that’s her job. Rather than pay attention to anything she has to say, unfortunately, the public seems to have taken more to trying to determine whether or not her amazing looks are the result of help she’s had from cosmetic surgeons, or if it’s from hard work she’s put it on her own. W... »

Whitney Cummings Plastic Surgery Before & After

Taking a Hit in Hollywood With the recent cancellation of Whitney Cumming’s comedic talk show, the sometimes raunchy, foul-mouthed (yet forever hot) actress recently told Howard Stern she was obviously disappointed with NBC’s decision to give her show the boot, and on a personal note, even though she understands “things happen” and it was more “business than personal” her self-esteem, self-image a... »

Elizabeth Berkley Plastic Surgery

Elizabeth Berkley Plastic Surgery Scandal

If you think back several years, you just might remember the hot CSI star Elizabeth Berkley as Jessi Spano on the show Saved By the Bell. Looking at her photos now, you would never be able to guess that this beauty is in her 40s, which is exactly why there are so many rumors about Elizabeth Berkley plastic surgery.  So, what plastic surgery is she believed to have had? Let’s find out. »

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Before & After

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Before & After

NOT Putting His Best Face Forward The search for “the fountain of youth” is everywhere, but no more apparent than with Hollywood celebrities, where fillers, injections and alterations run rampant. Some are barely noticeable, and very natural looking and others are just, well “noticeable,” as is the case with famed actor Ray Liotta. »

Lesley Stahl Plastic Surgery

Lesley Stahl Plastic Surgery Before & After

Lesley Stahl, who has been co-anchoring the show 60 Minutes since 1991, is one television journalist that provides plenty of fodder for her own plastic surgery speculation. This talented woman has had a pretty amazing career in the news, but did you know she is 72 years old?  I’m willing to bet that comes as a shocker, especially given the fact that she does not look much older than 45 or 50. Sinc... »

Gwyneth Paltrow Plastic Surgery

Gwyneth Paltrow Plastic Surgery Before & After

Anyone who remembers Gwyneth Paltrow as the overly pudgy, insecure, but loveable character Rose Marie in “Shallow Hal” the film in which she starred with fellow actor Jack Black, knows those exaggerated enhancements were created to make her almost unrecognizable. However, the acclaimed actress is anything but. Fast forward to her recent roles as Robert Downey’s sidekick in the cult classic Iron Ma... »

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Courtney Love, known for her roles as songstress for Hole, Kurt Cobain’s widow, and as a woman who has dealt with some serious drug issues, has now found another reason to enter the limelight.  While normally said limelight is a good thing for celebrities, I am positive that the ex-blonde bombshell is not quite so welcoming of this attention. »

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before & After

Plastic surgery seems to have become a culture that cannot be separated from the celebrity lifestyle. Both young and old, when they have everything, they will improve their performance when all that was not enough to survive in Hollywood. One of the shortest way, but full of risk, is a plastic surgery. Almost all celebrities in the world, both men and women, at least have ever done it, although in... »

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