Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Before & After

Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Gone Awry

Wayne Newton has, for generations, been a talented and beloved entertainer. Nicknamed “Mr. Las Vegas” because he is a perennial favorite Las Vegas performer, Wayne Newton is known for crooning such popular tunes as “Dabje Schoen,” “Remember When,” and “Red Roses for a Blue Lady.” »

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before & After

Park Bom Plastic Surgery – How Much Is Too Much?

This is less a question of whether Park Bom has had plastic surgery, but more a question of when will she stop? Enough is enough. And the tragedy is that she is barely more than two decades old. Bom, of 2NE1 fame, has had a laundry list of procedures done, beginning with double eyelid surgery (yes we said double. Why didn’t she proudly display her Asian heritage rather than try to mask it? Park, w... »

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Rumors

Did Robert Redford Really Have Plastic Surgery? Robert Redford is one of the handsomest men ever to appear on the sliver screen. He’s well over seventy now and still looks great. There have been Robert Redford plastic surgery rumors going all the way back to the 1970s, but Redford has steadfastly denied that he’s ever had procedures done on his face. The evidence indicates otherwise. »

Richard Chamberlain Plastic Surgery Before & After

For a long time now, there have been rumors that Richard Chamberlain has had plastic surgery. Specifically, many people suspect that he has had a facelift, although his fans debate about how much plastic surgery he has had. Indeed, Richard Chamberlain is currently a man in his eighties, and he does have surprisingly tight skin for a man that age. In 2006, he made an appearance on the cosmetic surg... »

Did Robin McGraw Have Plastic Surgery?

Tinseltown is filled with celebrities who are either genuinely unhappy about their looks, or are being pressured into changing their appearance by the overcritical media. It has yet to be ascertained as to which reason is applicable to the Robin McGraw plastic surgery rumors. McGraw is the wife of the famous psychologist Dr. Phil, who became famous after been invited as Oprah’s guest on her ... »

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Before & After

Hillary Clinton sure looks refreshed for a woman of her age, don’t you think? Many couldn’t help but notice how different she look during her campaign for Democratic presidential nomination. Hillary didn’t use to be so bright-eyed, and fresh faced as she looked. So, was she getting lots of vacations? Off-rest? Or, did she develop a relationship with a plastic surgeon? Well, the former US democrat ... »

Elizabeth Mcgovern Plastic Surgery Before & After

There are several celebrities who have undergone surgical procedures in their lives. As we often tend to think that this is as a means of lifestyle, most do it as a requirement in their careers because as an entertainer, a celebrity needs to have that perfect look. There are many celebrities who have been rumored to have undergone the knife, including Downton Abbey star Elizabeth McGovern, who is ... »

Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery Before & After

Gretchen Rossi is one of the most recognizable Housewife in the Real Housewives Franchise, and for good reason. This bombshell is the epitome of Orange County beauty, as she is blonde, skinny, and has been under the knife a few times. Being a popular TV personality, it is not at all surprising that there are tons of Gretchen Rossi plastic surgery photos all over the internet. Based on the photogra... »

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Confession

Julie Chen plastic surgery confession on national TV has made a lot of noises and even started debates about the still ever-present issue of racism in the United States. As a popular news anchor and TV personality, Chen claims to have been subjected to racist comments about her looks especially her facial features. Back in Dayton, Ohio, she was informed by the news director that her dominant Asian... »

Ronn Moss Plastic Surgery Before & After

Ronn Moss has featured in the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful for the last 25 years. He shocked the showbiz world when he announced his departure from one of the oldest Soap Operas. Ronn admitted to quitting the show to sort greener pastures. Ronn was undoubtedly one of the hottest male casts in the show, who left women dazzled with his charisma and charm. The 62-year-old American actor ... »

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