Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before & After

Steven Tyler is among the few 70′s rock stars that are still relevant today, and he is also one of the very few who managed to age well. What many do not know is that this rocker has had plastic surgery done a few years back, which allowed him to look youthful and positively radiant. Based on the Steven Tyler plastic surgery photos that have been circulating online for a number of years now, it does appear that the Aerosmith frontman has had cheek enhancement done.

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before & After

In addition, he also admitted to having undergone a facelift and gotten Botox injections in order to make his face look less hollow and bony. His infamous lips, however, seems to remain untouched at least as of yet. Tyler made it clear that he is not afraid of aging, but he is also not beyond considering other procedures if it means keeping his youthful appearance. The lines on his forehead as well as around the mouth have been significantly reduced, giving him a timeless look that is the envy of many guys in the business, even shoe who are younger than he is. At 65, he still looks rather fetching, which is a requirement when you are the heart and soul of one of the most popular rock bands in US music history.

Steven Tyler Plastic Surgery Before & After

Since Hollywood is quite discriminating when it comes to physical appearance, whether it is weight or facial features, many famous personalities have made as Tyler has in the name of beauty.

One of the things that set Steven from many other Hollywood celebrities who have had plastic surgery is that he does not go overboard. He knew exactly which parts of his face needed work and left everything else untouched. This is not always the case with other famous personalities, especially in the music business. The changes are visible, but nothing is too ostentatious or unnatural looking.

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