Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos


Sofia Vergara Breast Implants

Sofia Vergara has been rumored to have several plastic surgery procedures such as a boob job (breast implants) and tummy tuck as well.

As everybody knows, Sofia is very popular with her voluminous breast size; in fact she has a skinny body frame. So then, many celebrity gossip websites and celebrity watchers speculated that she is possibly having a boob job (breast implants) to boost her breast size.

Sofia Vergara Boob Job

Respond to the rumor, Vergara completely denied that she has had a boob job. She told that her breast is natural and she has already had these huge boobs since she was 14 years old. She also said that she wanted to reduce her breast size, but her mother didn’t allow her to do breast reduction.

Sofia Vergara Liposuction

Apart from a boob job rumor, it seems Vergara has also had other plastic surgery. The picture that was taken in 2010 revealed that she is likely having a liposuction. This is very common when someone has a child, then she decided to have a liposuction to remove excess skin around the belly area.

Well, what do you think? Does she have plastic surgery or just good genes? Please feel free to speak your mind…..

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