Sharon Osbourne Plastic Surgery Before & After

Sharon Osbourne Plastic Surgery Before & After

Rock icon Sharon Osborne, most known for her long-time marriage to Black Sabbath front-man Ozzy Ozbourne and groundbreaking reality show ‘The Osbornes’ is one of the toughest women in show-business but she may have met her match finally:  Plastic Surgery!

“I’ve had enough,” says Osbourne, who may be one of the most vocal and outspoken celebrities around plastic surgery.

A long-time advocate and cosmetic surgery participant, Osbourne says that while she still endorses and is a fan of the procedures that she’s personally had her fill.

“I’ve had enough,” she says on the various procedures and their recovery, noting her boob job in particular being the worst thing she had ever done.

“I’m too old for all that.”

Osbourne has spent over $230,000 on cosmetic surgery over the years, getting just about every part that could be lifted, tucked, grown, reduced or enhanced that you can imagine.  She insists it was something that needed to be done and has no regrets.

“It was worth every last penny. I love cosmetic surgery,” The very vocal Englishwoman states.

Sharon Osbourne Plastic Surgery

Osbourne’s fall under the knife began after gastric bypass surgery and the recovery afterward as she lost half her weight in the process and was left with a sagging skin that needed such remedies to fix.  The 53-year-old’s trips under the knife are well-documented and ‘before and after’ photos reveal quite a difference in her appearance.

Most recently the rock mom has made headlines about having the last body part imaginable having some work done, something she vehemently denies after putting it out there as a joke.

Sharon Osbourne can be seen on weekdays on CBS’s “The Take”, co-hosted by Big Brother’s Julie Chen, the executive producer of all Osbourne productions and has worked with X-Factor and America’s Got Talent.

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