Sara Jean Underwood Plastic Surgery Before & After

Sara Jean Underwood Boob Job

Sara Jean Underwood has always been quite lovely. The boisterous blonde has been playmate of the year and a famed television host, however even beautiful people are not immune from societal pressures to change their appearance to satisfy others. Sara Jean, unlike many celebrities has been quite open about her plastic surgery. She has clearly benefited from breast augmentation surgery and has revealed cleavage significantly larger than which she had early on in her career. She revealed on The Howard Stern Show that she had breast implants, explaining that as a Playboy playmate she was expected to have a certain body type, which she could only obtain through surgery. Many would argue that Sara Jean Underwood would not have the successful career she has enjoyed without using plastic surgery.

Sara Jean Underwood Plastic Surgery

Sara Jean also displays a newer, narrower and finely developed nose; however she has not been as open discussing this and has not admitted to having rhinoplasty. Regardless of her unwillingness to admit the surgery, it is very obvious in the pictures that the shape of her nose has changed drastically. Her new nose is significantly smaller and more in proportion to her face. Some plastic surgery websites demonstrate her nose job as poor quality plastic surgery and in some photographs you can clearly see why. While her nose is smaller and less obvious, the skin on her nose displays a thin, plastic quality that can be quite alarming. Whether this is a result of the procedure, or simply a failure to heal properly is unclear, but it does give her face an artificial quality.

While Sara Jean is still very attractive, many fans hope she is done experimenting with a surgery on her looks, especially her diminutive nose. Nasal surgery can correct major disfigurements, but poor quality surgery tends to compound.

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