Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Before & After

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Pics

Rose McGowan has admitted to have plastic surgery in the few years back, but she denied that the surgery was aimed to enhance her appearance.

In the interview, Rose McGowan explained that she got a car accident that botched her eyes, so then she needed eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) to correct the damage. When, it’s been corrected, it looks like she continues to have other job done as her face looks fuller than before, which indicates she possibly have a filler injection to her face.

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Before After

Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Manhattan plastic surgeon says that Rose McGowan has had reconstructive facial surgery to tighten the periorbital area. Moreover, she also appears to have Botox injections around her eyes.

Beverly Hills Dr. Paul S. Nassif seems to agree with Dr. Jennifer Walden, He explained that Rose McGowan may have Botox injected in her forehead and fillers around her eyes.

Well, McGowan may say that it was about to correct the damage, but I believe it was not only a reconstructive facial surgery but also a cosmetic enhancement.

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