Did Robin McGraw Have Plastic Surgery?

Tinseltown is filled with celebrities who are either genuinely unhappy about their looks, or are being pressured into changing their appearance by the overcritical media. It has yet to be ascertained as to which reason is applicable to the Robin McGraw plastic surgery rumors.

McGraw is the wife of the famous psychologist Dr. Phil, who became famous after been invited as Oprah’s guest on her popular TV show. While Robin McGraw, nee Jameson is not as visible in the media as her husband, it cannot be denied that she does receive a fair amount of attention especially from the Paparazzi. Over the last few years, speculations about her seemingly improved looks are due to the results of cosmetic enhancement.

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery

Such rumors have been refuted by McGraw as she maintains that her youthful appearance is the result of her rigorous fitness and beauty regimen, sans the aid of surgery or other cosmetic procedures. However, not too many people are convinced of her claims since recent photographs of McGraw clearly shows the drastic changes on several parts of her face, specifically the nose, eyes, and cheeks. It has also been reported that Dr. Phil’s better half has undergone breast augmentation (implants), and a subsequent lift surgery.

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Before & After

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Before & After

Now 60 years old, McGraw looks younger than most women 20 years or so younger than she is. Whether her decision to stay quiet about her surgery is due to her husband’s popularity, or because she simply does not want to discuss it in a public forum, one can only guess.

Regardless of her reasons for getting plastic surgery, however, Robin McGraw appears to be happy and content with her life as an author, TV personality, and the wife of the country’s most popular TV shrink. By all accounts, she is a lovely looking woman who certainly maintains her zest for life.

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