Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Rumors

Did Robert Redford Really Have Plastic Surgery?

Robert Redford is one of the handsomest men ever to appear on the sliver screen. He’s well over seventy now and still looks great. There have been Robert Redford plastic surgery rumors going all the way back to the 1970s, but Redford has steadfastly denied that he’s ever had procedures done on his face. The evidence indicates otherwise.

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery

Redford was dealt both the best and worst cards from the deck for looking handsome. He has strikingly fair skin, blue eyes, and blond hair, but these very fair features, combined with his love of the outdoors and sunshine, conspired to make him look older than he was very early in his career. He’s been an outspoken opponent of plastic surgery, and has bristled at any suggestion that he’s had work done, but Robert Redford rumors follow him constantly.

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Before & After

Eye Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

According to one eye expert, there’s almost a hundred percent chance that Redford has at least had some enhancement on his eyes. Surgery to lift and remove extra skin above and below the eye is called Blepharoplasty, and qualified observers say Redford has all the telltale signs of the procedure. Plastic surgery might have been medically necessary just to improve his vision. Because he loves the great outdoors and sports like horseback riding and skiing, his face has become heavily lined with creases, and squinting in bright outdoor sunlight made the bags around his eyes droop so severely that it began to interfere with his regular vision.

Evidence Of An Upper Eye Job

The scars from an upper Blepharoplasty would be invisible, with an incision right along the eyelash line, and possibly extending into the crow’s feet next to the eye. Only by comparing before and after photos you can see where the surgery rumors come from. His eyes look much more open now than they did ten or twenty years ago. That’s not possible without a surgical procedure.

Evidence Of A Lower Eye Job

A lower blapharoplasty remove the bags under the eyes, which can make a person look tired. Once again, the surgical procedure wouldn’t leave a telltale scar, and if fatty tissue doesn’t need to be removed, then the effect can be achieved with Botox. Either way, only by comparing the before and after photos can we see that the rumors must be true, because his lower eyelids are smaller now than they were years ago.

Wart Removal

Other surgery procedures anyone can notice are the removal of several warts from the side of Redford’s face, which again might be the result of medical necessity. Often fair-skinned people that spend a great deal of time outdoors need to have warts removed to keep them from becoming cancerous

Robert Redford plastic surgery facts are few and far between, but rumors will no doubt swirl around the actor as long as he chooses to remain in the public eye. If he has indeed had plastic surgery, it’s been very limited, and hasn’t affected his overall facial structure. He looks perfectly normal, and still has a kind of boyish look despite his advanced years.

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