Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Pamela Anderson was one of the first celebs whose rise of fame could be accredited to plastic surgery, as her numerous breast implants made her the hottest selling star during her “Baywatch” days. Her over sized breasts got her immediate public attention and started with her February 1990 Playboy photo-stint. Over the years, the model turned actress has confessed to several further breast implants. But, Pamela Anderson surgery stints didn’t just end there; the celeb has undergone several other nips and tucks in an attempt to look like Barbie, and many people speculate that she ruined her natural good looks in the process.

In fact, Pamela was a fresh faced beauty before she resorted to intrusive plastic surgeries, not only to increase her bust size and gain worldwide fame for the same, but also alterations to her face. After several nips and tucks, Pamela looks rather plastic-like in her appearance, a dramatic change from her earlier youthful beauty.

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery

However, while Pamela denies that she has gone under the knife to change her facial appearance, her pictures tell otherwise. It looks like her breasts were not the only thing she changed about herself, and her radically changed looks suggest various cosmetic alterations as well. From her “Baywatch” days of her venture into reality television where she was seen in Australian Big Brother House and the Indian version Big Boss, her looks have dramatically evolved and suggest both face tucks and Botox filler injections.

Apart from plastic surgery, there are other things that have kept the celeb in the limelight, her tumultuous relationships topping the list. Her wedding to Tommy Lee after courting each other for just 4 days made a lot of waves, and their on-again, off-again relationship over the years kept her in the public eye. She also got engaged to Kid Rock and model Marcus Schenkenberg.

Pamela Anderson Breast Implants

Pamela Anderson Boob Job

Did she need plastic surgery? According to the media and fans, the celeb might have gone too far. Pictures of a young Pamela suggest she was a natural beauty, some of them so different that it can be hard to recognize the pretty face as that of the Pamela Anderson we now know! Take a look at the before and after pictures of this hot celeb, and you decide for yourself whether this is a case of cosmetic changes that were rather unnecessary or not.

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