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Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Before & After

Courteney Cox plastic surgery rumor has become a hot subject nowadays, some celebrity websites & celebrity watcher speculated that she has possibly had job done to boost her appearance. As everybody knows, Courteney Cox is very well known with her fuller breast; in fact she has a skinny body frame. So then, many think that it’s impossible to have such fuller breast without surgery intervention. On the other hand, Courteney Cox has not officially responded about this rumor, but if she really has a boob job, it’s likely she only to enhance her natural bust. She looks gorgeous & not overdone, thanks to her plastic surgeon. In addition to breast implants, she was also rumored to have lip... »

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Before & After

Rose McGowan has admitted to have plastic surgery in the few years back, but she denied that the surgery was aimed to enhance her appearance. In the interview, Rose McGowan explained that she got a car accident that botched her eyes, so then she needed eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) to correct the damage. When, it’s been corrected, it looks like she continues to have other job done as her face looks fuller than before, which indicates she possibly have a filler injection to her face. Dr. Jennifer Walden, a Manhattan plastic surgeon says that Rose McGowan has had reconstructive facial surgery to tighten the periorbital area. Moreover, she also appears to have Botox injections around her eyes... »

Jwoww Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Jennifer “Jenni” Farley aka JWoww is obviously having plastic surgery done to boost her appearance. One of the obvious signs of plastic surgery procedures she has done is a boob job (breast implants). It has been mentioned in the New York Post that Jenni firstly rumored to have breast implants after she was spotted visiting a plastic surgeon’s office Dr. Stephen Greenberg. So then, many people believe that she has a deal with plastic surgery. Jenni has not officially confirmed about the rumor, but some of celebrity gossip websites and celebrity viewers believe she has a work done to her bust. In addition, the before & after photos reveal that Jenni’s bust shape appears ... »

Lil Kim Plastic Surgery Before & After

Lil Kim has long become a hot subject of plastic surgery fans. In the past, you may already know that she has had a massive surgery procedures such as a boob job (breast implants), lip augmentation, cheek implants, nose job (rhinoplasty) and fillers as well. One of the most noticeable sign of surgery is a rhinoplasty. It has to be mentioned that Lil Kim nose was unsuccessfully done, the initial nose job has botched her nose. In the picture we can notice that her nose appears to have a dent on the left and right side of her nose, it may be caused of too much tissue or bone removed. Kim was unhappy with the initial nose job, and then she decided to have another nose job to correct the previous... »

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before & After

Meg Ryan was a cute blonde star; however her decision to have unnecessary plastic surgery has botched her appearance. Meg Ryan firstly reported to have gone under the surgeon knife when she was forties; the most noticeable sign is on her lips. Meg’s new lips have become a big attention among fans; they appear unusually larger than life lips. In addition, her lips also look scarily stretched out from the mouth like a Joker in Batman arch nemesis. Judging from Meg’s new lips, it seems that she has had permanent filler than temporary one since temporary filler will give them a more natural look. In addition to lip implants, Meg is also speculated to have had cheek implants. If we are comparing ... »

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