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Sofia Vergara Plastic Surgery Before & After

Sofia Vergara has been rumored to have several plastic surgery procedures such as a boob job and tummy tuck as well. As everybody knows, Sofia is very popular with her voluminous breast size; in fact she has a skinny body frame. So then, many celebrity gossip websites and celebrity watchers speculated that she is possibly having a boob job to boost her breast size. Respond to the rumor, Vergara completely denied that she has had a boob job. She told that her breast is natural and she has already had these huge boobs since she was 14 years old. She also said that she wanted to reduce her breast size, but her mother didn’t allow her to do breast reduction. Apart from a boob job rumor, it seems... »

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Before & After

Kenny Rogers is another victim of bad plastic surgery. He could be in the top list of failed plastic surgery along with Bruce Jenner, Michael Jackson, Burt Reynolds, Axl Rose and also Brooke Burke. Kenny Rogers, on the National Enquirer has admitted that he felt insecure after marrying a younger woman, so then he decided to have surgery to look for eternal youth. Rogers’s current appearance is totally different when he used to be, his eyes also don’t look warmer than before surgery. I really..Really miss his old look. If we are comparing his photos before & after surgery, it is likely he has had several surgery procedures such as facelift, Browlift, Botox and Blepharoplasty (eyelid... »

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Before & After

Nicole Kidman has been rumored to have had several plastic surgery procedures to enhance her appearance. It has been reported that the first surgery sign is a boob job (breast implants). As everybody knows, Kidman was having a flat chest, and the recent boob appears much bustier than before. So then, many celebrity gossip websites and celebrity watchers speculated that she obviously has breast implants. In addition to breast enhancement, she was also suspected to have had injectable lip fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm. If we are comparing her old photos and the most recent one, it is obvious that she has injectable lip fillers as her lips appear larger and much puffed up than before. I... »

Adrienne Maloof Plastic Surgery Before & After

Adrienne Maloof has long become a hot subject of plastic surgery fans. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been reported to have had several surgery procedures to maintain her appearance. They are including Botox injection, brow lift, fillers and also a nose job (rhinoplasty) as well. Dr. Nassif says that his wife had anti aging treatment such as facial fillers or Botox. Well, she may have Botox or facial fillers to keep her youthful look, but looking at the recent pictures, it seems that she has had more than Botox and facial fillers. If I need to guess, it is possible that she has also had a brow lift and a nose job (rhinoplasty). Her brow arch seems higher than before which indicates... »

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before & After

A former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner is another example of bad celebrity plastic surgery. Kim Kardashian stepfather has long become a public attention for his decision to have been under the knife for multiple times to look for eternal youth. It has also been reported that he was starting to have job done after the divorce. The surgery procedures were including a facelift, a nose job (Rhinoplasty) and filler injection as well. Unfortunately, the surgery was not as what he hoped, he looks worse than ever. Bruce appearance after surgery has gotten a lot of media criticism as he appears with a very feminine look. Bruce Jenner is no longer a handsome man, and I hope he should learn from his mis... »

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