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Courtney Love Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Courtney Love, known for her roles as songstress for Hole, Kurt Cobain’s widow, and as a woman who has dealt with some serious drug issues, has now found another reason to enter the limelight.  While normally said limelight is a good thing for celebrities, I am positive that the ex-blonde bombshell is not quite so welcoming of this attention. There are rumors concerning Courtney Love plastic surgery, mostly concerning whether she had a facelift, fillers, lip injections, and Botox injections.  But really, is there any doubt that this lady has obviously gone under the knife?  All you have to do is compare her before and after photos, and there is very little doubt that something went wrong! Fa... »

Christina Ricci Breast Reduction

Christina Ricci Breast Reduction Before & After

Peter Pan Syndrome Personified Who can forget Christina Ricci as gloom doom child “Wednesday” in The Addams Family movies? Or as the wide-eyed innocent daughter of Bill Pullman in the film “Caspar,” based on the childhood classic cartoon “Casper the Friendly Ghost.” These days, Ricci is all grown up, however recent tabloid fodder regarding supposed breast reduction seems to suggest that the actress wants to maintain her childhood looks.  With plastic surgery rumors running rampant, the main story is the breast reduction procedure, rather than go the traditional breast enhancement surgery that most women want. Ricci claims the rumors are untrue and that she has never had this type of su... »

Melissa Rivers Plastic Surgery Before & After

Plastic surgery seems to have become a culture that cannot be separated from the celebrity lifestyle. Both young and old, when they have everything, they will improve their performance when all that was not enough to survive in Hollywood. One of the shortest way, but full of risk, is a plastic surgery. Almost all celebrities in the world, both men and women, at least have ever done it, although in a small portion. Melissa Rivers, daughter of Joan Rivers seems to have followed her mother’s footsteps to marriage with surgeon’s knife. Some of celebrity watchers and celebrity website gossip claimed if Melissa Rivers have done some surgery procedures to improve her appearance. No one ... »

Denise Richards Boob Job

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Before & After

Being married for four years to Charlie Sheen, and having two daughters with him made it nearly impossible for actress Denise Richards to stay out of the spotlight, especially considering Sheen’s escapades of the past few years and Richards ends up with temporary custody of Sheen’s two sons for a brief period. Richards, 43, and former fashion model spent most of the 1990s starring in low budget films and television shows, until she got a guest-starring run on Melrose Place in 1996 and her first starring role in the movie Starship Troopers. She met Sheen on the set of the 2000 movie Good Advice. However, despite the fact that Richards is a former fashion model and successful actre... »

Linda Thompson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Linda Thompson is Elvis Presley’s former love interest and Bruce Jenner’s former wife. However, she might also be known for the serious plastic surgery procedures that have brought the sixty year old notoriety. Linda does not seem to age in her photos that is very strange for a sixty year old Beauty Queen. Sources conclude that she has had a series of operations and injections through the years. Linda does want to stay a beauty queen after all, so she keeps up appearances using procedures such as facelift and Botox injections. Other procedures include a brow lift and nose job (Rhinoplasty). She has also had a series of nips and tucks around her eyes and cheek enhancements. Linda has also app... »

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