Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery – How Well Her Look After Having Plastic Surgery

We have all loved her for her gourmet dishes, her passion for food and the charming looks that refuse to betray her age. Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson is drop dead gorgeous and from that rare breed of women who can make the curves look sexy. Even at 53, the celebrity chef does not look any more that 40 years old. She has been an inspiration to thousands of women who had watched her on television. Lawson has constantly attributed her youthful looks and ageless, wrinkle free skin to the healthy eating habits she follows. But what if those youthful looks and flawless skin are the result of having been under the knife and not her much professed love for good food and healthy eating habits?

Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery Before & After

Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery Before & After

There have been numerous reports suggesting that the celebrity chef has hopped on the plastic surgery bandwagon, like many other celebrities. Are these mere rumors stemming from the envious youthful looks of a woman who seems to have defied age or is there any truth to the Nigella Lawson plastic surgery story? They say images do not lie, and the before and after pictures of the celebrity chef available on the internet seem to betray the truth about these plastic surgery speculations.

Nigella Lawson Plastic Surgery

A close comparison of Lawson’s recent pictures with some of her older ones reveals that the celebrity chef now has a more pronounced jaw line and rounded cheekbones than she had before. Also, the slight hint of crow’s feet around her eyes too seems to have miraculously vanished altogether. Lawson also suddenly lost some of her voluptuous curves to sport a slimmer, younger version of herself. This can only mean one of two things – either Lawson has gone under the knife or mastered the art of morphing photographs.

Besides, Lawson was recently seen sporting adhesive strips under many reddened eyes and puffed lips, and seemed to have been dealing with constant bad hair days. The fact that such changes are often a fall out of cosmetic procedures has only lent further impetus to Nigella Lawson plastic surgery conjectures.

However, on her part, the celebrity chef has constantly maintained that she loved the way she looks and had no reason to resort to cosmetic surgery. She has reportedly denied stories of her having gone under the knife. If Lawson’s version of the story is to believed, her flawless skin, youthful looks, and even the slimmer body type are a result of healthy eating habits.

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