Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery Before & After

Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery Before & After

This mom “Nadya Suleman” becomes an international attention after she had birth through octuplets. Furthermore, Nadya Suleman plastic surgery also becomes an international issue. People do not believe with what she had told that she got her perfect body after doing workout alone for 14 days. Public do not believe it. Because workout in just about 2 weeks cannot bring back her body such she never had a birth, whereas through octuplets, she gave 14 kids birth.

Moreover, her look like is really different from her previous picture. Today, her face, especially for her nose and lips are like Angelina Jolie’s. This is why people do not believe that her body is the result of her workout for few days just like she told to the media, but they believe that she does plastic surgery.

Nadya Suleman Plastic Surgery

When women have a birth, there will be a part of her body especially for stomach, which will be loose. It is in normal condition where she gives one or two birth. Then, can you imagine what it will be if she gave a multiple birth at time? This called octuplet, a multiple birth at time. This multiple birth will give a birth until six times at time. So does Nadya Suleman. She has 14 children. She had 6 children at one birth time. This octuplet is actually forbidden because of the death threat.

You may see her picture when she was young and compare with her recent picture. You will see that she has some changes especially in her nose and lips. Some surgeon expert say that it is impossible if workout makes her body back just like never ever have a birth in just couple weeks. For military unit and elite athlete who are expert in workout, it may be worked, but not for Octomom. It is impossible for mortal women at all. Giving a birth normally will take a trace even not for long time, but it does have a trace especially in stomach. It will be back from ‘before babies’ if the mother do workout regularly and off course it will take more time than Nadya’s. Furthermore, she gave 6 births at time. This cannot be done except by surgery.

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