Mickey Rourke Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Back in 1982 Mickey Rourke starred in a movie called “Diner.”   He was a very good actor, and he was really good looking.  Rourke, who was 30 at the time, brought a complexity and sympathy to what was really a villain’s role in that film.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Mickey Rourke, Amateur And Professional Boxer

Among Rourke’s talents, unfortunately, is he was a very very talented boxer.  He had a record of 27 wins to 3 losses as an amateur, and for awhile (between 1991 and 1995) he worked at being a professional boxer. Boxing has been called “the sweet science of brutality” – where a man measures himself against another man in a fair way.  For those who love the sport and see the sweet science of it, it is as ennobling as striving for the heavens; for those who do not – it is just brutal.  And whatever your viewpoint – a boxer is going to get hurt.  One of the tests every boxer puts himself/herself through is the test of “can I take it” as well as “how well can I dish it out.” Rourke’s good looks were battered because of his love of boxing.  Take a look at the 2010 film, “Iron Man 2″ where the thuggish Ivan Danko (played by Rourke) is a fearsome and frightening physical presence – though Rourke was an even better actor there than he was 28 years before in “Diner.”

Mickey Rourke Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery

Rourke is on record (in a 2009 interview with the Daily Mail) as saying:  “I broke my nose two times. I had 5 nose operations and an operation for a smashed cheekbone. I also had to have the cartilage from my ear removed in order to reconstruct my nose and a few operations to take the cartilage out because my scar tissue wasn’t healing properly, [the surgery] was to mend the mess that was made of my face because of boxing, but I went to the wrong doctor.”

Mickey Rourke Has Made It Work

It appears that Mickey Rourke is both a tough guy and a gentleman.  Although he has every reason to name the plastic surgeon who did a bad job on his face he has never named him, or any of the other surgeons who have corrected that bad surgery. It is kind of a pity that the handsome leading man looks he had when he was younger are gone – but the talent is still there and there is something very admirable about a man refusing to pity himself, who instead picks himself up even after being dealt a lousy hand, and going on with his life.

Rourke has also had a resurgence in his acting career – though he never stopped working, Rourke was getting parts in mostly minor films for quite awhile, but, since appearing in the 2008 film, “The Wrestler” he has gotten more work, as fans have come back to see this very talented man.

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