Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before & After

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before & After

Meg Ryan was a cute blonde star; however her decision to have unnecessary plastic surgery has botched her appearance.

Meg Ryan firstly reported to have gone under the surgeon knife when she was forties; the most noticeable sign is on her lips. Meg’s new lips have become a big attention among fans; they appear unusually larger than life lips. In addition, her lips also look scarily stretched out from the mouth like a Joker in Batman arch nemesis.

Judging from Meg’s new lips, it seems that she has had permanent filler than temporary one since temporary filler will give them a more natural look.

In addition to lip implants, Meg is also speculated to have had cheek implants. If we are comparing the before and after photos, it seems that her face appears fuller than it used to be. Moreover, it is also possible that she had a facelift, forehead lift or neck lift, as she doesn’t appear to have any sagging skin; in fact she is no longer young.

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