Meg Ryan Facelift Nightmare – What Happened to America’s Sweetheart?

Before Julia Roberts took over the throne, Meg Ryan is the original America’s sweetheart who made the audience laugh, cry, and swoon in admiration. Until the mid-90s, Meg was known to be a natural beauty with a lot of that girl-next-door personality that made her so beloved by her fans. Things changed, however, when she decided to get her very first cosmetic procedure sometime in 1996-1997. Since then, everything went downhill for Ryan, both professionally and personally. The Meg Ryan facelift nightmare is only part of a more harrowing saga that chronicles all the reasons why Hollywood celebrities as well as common folks should weigh all the pros and cons of plastic surgery.

Meg Ryan Facelift

Meg Ryan Facelift Before & After

While it was her facelift that elevated Meg Ryan to Hollywood plastic surgery infamy, it was not her first procedure at all. Starting from the late nineties to the early 2000s, the actress reportedly underwent about half a dozen procedures including lip fillers, facial Botox injections, brow lift and breast augmentation. Around the same time, her career slowed down significantly and she got divorced from then-husband Dennis Quaid. These days Meg Ryan is limited to TV guest appearances and minor roles in low-budget movies (she has not had a movie role since 2009). Many are speculating that her extensive plastic surgeries contributed to her reduced marketability in Hollywood. This is rather ironic since most celebrities alter their appearance for the very reason of trying to land more acting roles.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery

It is the fervent hope of Meg Ryan’s die hard fans that she returns to the big screen (or even the small screen) because her acting prowess is sorely missed. Regardless of her poor decision regarding plastic surgery, Ryan remains one of the most gifted actresses of her generation. She certainly still has a lot to offer, if people (i.e. Producers and casting agents) can only look past her current appearance.

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