Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before & After

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before & After

Mary Tyler Moore is best known for her role in the all-time favorite television program “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” There has been speculation for years as to whether or not she has had plastic surgery done. While she has not been forthcoming with a definitive answer, at least recently, most experts agree that she has had a few minor procedures done to help enhance her looks. While she does admit in her 2008 autobiography that she had some type of plastic surgery, she was not specific. One procedure it does appear that Mary has had done is the application of veneers on her teeth. This gives her a beautiful, even, and brilliantly white smile.

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery

Recently, she was seen out with a very tight and shiny face which indicates she had some kind of recent procedure. Due to the over-fullness and somewhat lopsided look of her cheeks, many experts believe this is from cheek fillers that were placed incorrectly. The general consensus is that she has concentrated on the upper portion of her face, namely her cheeks and eyes, while neglecting the lower portion. This results in a type of plastic surgery disconnect, which gives an unfinished look to her entire overall appearance.

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Disaster

One expert, however, cautions that the uneven look may not be due to misplaced fillers. Rather, she could be having an allergic reaction to the product that was used. Regardless of the underlying reason, it is the general consensus that she has had many different plastic surgery procedures, and rather than enhancing her natural beauty they give her an unnatural and plastic appearance.

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