Marlo Thomas Nose Job Before & After

Marlo Thomas Nose Job

Some people may hard to recognize Marlo Thomas. She is 76 years old, a well known celebrity who looks younger and fantastic at her age. Currently, she spent her time to be a spokesperson for the certain activities such as social and humanistic rather than spending her time in front of the camera. People always paying attention to her appearance especially her face, so when there is something different with her appearance, it is very easy to notice that thing.

Since Marlo Thomas rarely exposed by the camera some people assumes that she spends much of her time to visit the office of a plastic surgeon’s office. They also recognize the differentiation of her face. Of course it makes the assumption of her plastic surgery stronger. She looks more beautiful and fresh when she came to the 24th Annual Producers Guild award in Beverly Hills. Honestly, the assumption of Marlo Thomas plastic surgery is not totally wrong.

It is very clear that she had some surgery to boost her appearance. If her new photo compared to her old photo, it is obvious that there are some different view of her look such as her skin and the shape of her face. She looks fresh and young with tighter and pulled facial skin. There are also some speculations that she has great treatments such as facelift, Browlift, fillers, and Botox that enhance her appearance. The clear thing is that Marlo Thomas nose job had been done well. It looks thinner than before.

Dr. Paul S. Nassif, a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, agrees that Marlo Thomas had rhinoplasty for her thinner nose. The speculation of her other treatments of the facelift, Browlift, Botox, and facial filler is also true. All the treatments done to her face works well. She looks younger than she should be. Every person will admit that too.

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