Marilyn Monroe Nose Job Before & After

Marilyn Monroe Nose Job

Marilyn Monroe is a legendary movie star from the Golden Age of cinema. The sexy actress is known for her fun, sensual persona and a gorgeous smile that hid her inner turmoil oh so well. She has remained famous decades after her career-making leading lady roles. In fact, she is an icon of fashion, style, glamor, and charisma even today. Chanel No. 5 even featured Marilyn Monroe’s voice and beautiful images in a commercial that aired often during the most reason holiday season.

Being a nationally beloved sex symbol looked effortless for Marilyn Monroe. Her beauty was natural in many ways. That can’t be denied. However, rumors have persisted for decades that indicate that the star had a nose job early in her career. If you compare photographs earlier in her life, when she went by the name of Norma Jean, to photographs of her when she had achieved fame and fortune, it’s easy to see a difference.

Here’s the story. Some experts think that she had a nose job, which is more formally known as a rhinoplasty, done in 1946 to restructure her nose into an even more delicate, aesthetically pleasing shape. This would have coincided with the point in time when she signed a studio contract with the illustrious Twentieth Century-Fox Studios. Nose jobs were done at the time, although they are nowhere near as socially acceptable and as commonplace as they are today. There would have been a greater need for secrecy.

The rumor gets juicier from there. It’s said that Johnny Hyde, her then hot shot Hollywood agent, is the one that arranged for the nose job. It’s said that she had cartilage removed from her nose and placed in her chin. Whatever the case, Marilyn knew how to play up her beauty for all.

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