Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery

It is undeniable that Marie Osmond still looks so youthful at her age 53; perhaps all of you wonder what the secret of her youthful look. Is it the result of plastic surgery or just good genes?

Well, comparing her photos from year to year, it is obvious that almost there are no any wrinkles or aging signs on her facial appearance. It makes us speculate that she may have anti aging treatment or surgery procedures to maintain her youthful look.

Marie Osmond Cosmetic Surgery Before & After

A facelift could be the best choice for her to prevent the aging signs. In addition to a facelift, she is likely having dermal fillers and Botox injection as well. What do you think? Do you agree with us?

In some photos, we can also notice that Marie’s eyebrows look higher than before, it indicates that she is also possible to have a brow lift. Moreover, Marie’s lips look unnatural which could be as the result of Juvederm injection.

Marie Osmond Plastic Surgery Before & After

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif on explained that Marie Osmond seems to have a brow lift, as her eyebrows appear a little bit arched up. He also added, Osmond could possibly have a facelift, facial filler and Botox injection as there are not many lines on her face.

Well, overall Marie Osmond looks not overdone; she looks 10 years younger than her actual age. Thanks to her plastic surgeon.

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