Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Before & After

Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Before & After

Lisa Rinna plastic surgery has drawn the public attention over the years. Lisa Rinna, 50, has experienced the worst thing in her life; many people never stop giving bad reaction about her bad plastic surgery. Lisa Rinna has admitted that she felt regret about her decision to have lip enhancement in the past. What is in her mind is how to reconstruct her lips as like she had before.

It has been mentioned that she has undergone several time lip enhancement. The first lip enhancement was made in 1983, the procedure was injecting the silicone into her upper lip. Then, in 1990, the procedure was not done well; it caused a scar tissue on her lips. Since then, Lisa Rinna never touched her lips, then in 2010 she decided to have a lip reduction to fix the botched trout pout.

Lisa Rinna Lip Injection

In addition to having lip injection, she was also rumored to have had several surgery procedures such as a boob job (breast implants), eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) and Botox injection as well. Some celebrity gossip websites have posted the before and after photo as the proof that she probably has another surgery procedure.

Well, if we are observing the before and after photo, it appears to me that she is likely having Botox injection. We almost cannot find any wrinkles or sagging skin around her forehead and lower eyelid, in fact she is no longer young. Moreover, she probably had a boob job (breast implants), which giver her bust looks higher and rounder than before.

Lisa Rinna Breast Implants

Well, Lisa Rinna has regrets about her decision to have overdone lip injection, I hope she stop undergo any other plastic surgery procedures, unless it will create her own caricature. What do you think of Lisa Rinna current look? Does she look better after having a lip reduction? Please feel free to share your thought…

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