Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Before & After

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery

Lindsay Lohan is a celebrity that has been marred with all sorts of controversies. From getting caught up in legal hassles of being arrested for DUI, the starlet seems to be having a troubled lifestyle. It has not always been mayhem for Lindsay. She has had a successful acting career since her breakout in 2004 after starring in the movie Disney’s Herbie: Fully Loaded. Cracks started showing in 2006 after Lindsay was spotted kissing Stavros Niarchos, Paris Hilton’s ex- boyfriend. 7 years down the line, the actress is still struggling to pave her way up in the show business. Despite everything going on in her life, Lindsay still tries to maintain a glowing image.

The 27-year -old seemed to have undergone a lip augmentation in 2012. According to Dr. Anthony Youn who is a plastic surgeon and also the author of Stitche, Lindsay’s lips may have been filled up with Restylane or Juvederm (injectable fillers used for lips enhancement). Most surgeons admit that the surgery was not the best decision probably due to too many injectable materials. Dr Anthony Youn even advised her to spend the money on a therapist instead of wasting it on plastic surgery.

Matthew Schulman also admits that Lindsay’s cheeks looked more puffed up and her skin unnaturally smooth. Lindsay may have also undergone a Botox, which is known for making celebrities look younger. Unfortunately, Lindsay’s Botox seems to have had a reverse effect on her; she looks twice her age according to Dr. Schulman. It’s obvious that Lindsay Lohan plastic surgery has ripped off some of her glowing beauty. The once gorgeous youthful actress now looks overly inflated and yes, much older. It’s not only plastic surgery that is aging the starlet her lifestyle of smoking and drinking has contributed to her unflattering image. Dr Ghavami explains smoking and drinking ages the eyelids than anywhere else because of the thin skin in the region.

Here is a detailed photo that compares Lindsay with other celebrities of the same age.

Lindsay Lohan Plastic Surgery Picture

Lindsay Lohan is not the only one joining the bandwagon of surgery in Hollywood. Her estranged half sister reportedly underwent $ 25,000 worth of surgery to look more like Lindsay.

Ashley Horn

Ashley Horn (Lindsay’s half-sister) is also hoping to make a breakthrough in Hollywood. Will her resemblance to Lindsay jump start her Hollywood career or will Lindsay’s personality haunt her? Only time will tell, of course, we can only wish her the best.

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