Liberace Plastic Surgery – The Real Story

It is safe to say that if Liberace just got over himself and sought the right help his plastic surgery would have been a lot safer, but alas the last time was quite a risk. The notorious surgeon called Jack Startz advised Liberace to undergo a full facelift while throwing back a few drinks. This should have been warning signs, never mind the laid-back atmosphere of the 70′s.

Liberace Plastic Surgery

Liberace was well known for maintaining a youthful personality and after seeing himself on a television show at the age of 57 he went into a panic. It called for drastic measures and after meeting Dr. Startz the diagnosis came to a complete overall. The particular problem areas, according to Scott Thorson, were his droopy eyes, spider web wrinkles and the heavy lines on the sides of his mouth. Along with a full facelift Startz suggested silicone implants to stop the heavy lines from returning, followed by a skin peel a couple of days after surgery.

What Liberace failed to comprehend was the drug and alcohol addiction Startz was entertaining. The procedure took 7 hours, and Scott recalls the mess that was Liberace’s face. Apparently he looked like the victim of a hit and run scenario. When he woke up, he was in a lot of pain that Startz treated with Demerol. Strangely enough Liberace had only one problem with the surgery, his eyes couldn’t function normally. He couldn’t shut them completely while sleeping. Startz gave him some eye drops and said the problem was temporary.

After the surgery was successful for the most part, Liberace found his youth again. Happy as ever about looking so young he continued to dazzle his audience with eyes wide open so-to-speak. He was lucky in the sense that Startz didn’t kill him.

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