Did Leah Miller Have Plastic Surgery?

Leah Miller Plastic Surgery Before & After

Leah Miller is only 33 years old and already fans are noticing some peculiar changes taking place. However, there is no actual proof that this popular Canadian television personality decided to go to the extremes of a knife and needle, but recent pictures suggest she might be suffering from the fear of getting older.

It’s no secret that reaching the thirty mark can be a rather emotional time, especially for celebrities, and if speculation is anything to go by then Leah Miller might have opted for plastic surgery in order to stop the process dead in its tracks, much less reverse it. The problem however is the consequences of such drastic measures at such a young age.

The most notable changes according to before and after pictures are the breast area, nose, eyes and skin. All of a sudden her regular size breasts are much more filling so-to-speak. In addition her skin seems to be much smoother, although this could be the result of great skin care products. As for her eyes, rumors are circulating that surgery is the reason for the dramatic shape change. The worst part fans can’t swallow is the possibility that she had a nose-job which wasn’t exactly successful.

Leah Miller Plastic Surgery

Regardless of all the hype and photographs, there is still a shadow of a doubt. Certain angles, lighting and makeup can significantly affect any photograph. In case she did decide to partake in plastic surgery then so what? Young stars are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. There is no possible way the lovely Leah can please everyone, so let her please herself.

In any case, there aren’t any substantial facts supporting any theories. There are revolutionary skin care products on the market with amazing effects. Let’s just hope that if the surgery rumor is true, it doesn’t go too far.

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