Lea Michele Nose Job Before & After Photos

Lea Michele Nose Job Before & After

Talking about Hollywood celebrity will never separate with the rumors of plastic surgery. Well, becoming an actress should have a great and stunning appearance in order to attract the public attention. However, most actresses try to enhance their appearance by having any plastic surgery such as; nose job, boob job, Eyelift and many others. The most favorite plastic surgery that is usually done by many actresses is a nose job. Well, a nose job or Rhynoplasty is not strange to be heard, there are some actresses that have been rumored to have a nose job. The reason is vary, some told that they needa nose job due to health reason, and some told that they need nose job just for beauty enhancement. Lea Michele has also been rumored to have had a nose job to enhance her beauty.

Lea Michele Nose Job

The rumors of Lea Michele nose job have been widespread in over media in America. However, she ever told that she never tried to have any surgery to improve her appearance because she really love her natural gift, she even said that she will not be like another else, she prefers to be her own self. Actually, Michele is really stunning and beautiful without doing any surgery. But, in recently there are appearing rumors that she underwent a nose job. After looking at her former photo and comparing with her latest photo, it looked there is something different about her nose. She seems to have a Rhynoplasty to make her nose smaller.

The fact is really shocking, because she had actually ever said that she will never have any plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. However, after knowing about her rumors, public can see that she is really different in her nose; it indicates she had a nose job that made her nose smaller than before. You can analyze it by looking at her before & after picture.

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