Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery Before & After

Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery

It is no secret that reality television show star Kris Jenner has had plastic surgery. Most famously, she had a face lift done in 2011 that was actually televised on the E! Entertainment television channel on her show “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” Dr. Garth Fisher, her plastic surgeon for that procedure, stated that he performed a Format Face Pinnacle Life on Kris. This type of face lift is a customized rejuvenation procedure that freshens and opens up the eyes, elevates the cheeks, and gives more youthful lines to the neck and jaw line.

Another benefit of this type of operation is that it allows for quick healing, which is perfect for those who have an upcoming event in the near future. Even her daughters stated they did not notice much, if any, swelling after Kris had the procedure done. In addition to her face lift, Kris has also admitted to having at least two breast augmentations done. The second one was to replace her original implants. She does, however, state that regardless of the other procedures she does still have her own eyes, nose, and mouth. That, however, is up for debate as many experts believe that she has had a nose job to reshape and enhance her nose.

Kris Jenner Facelift

Kris’ sister, Karen, has been quoted as stating Kris has spent nearly $1 million on plastic surgeries throughout her life. Karen says all of Kris’ body enhancements stem from the fact that she was self-conscious about her weight when she was a teenager. Regardless of the reason, most can agree that Kris is a beautiful woman and any procedures she may have had have only improved her overall appearance.

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