Kerry Washington Nose Job Before & After

Kerry Washington Nose Job Before & After

Did Kerry Washington really have a nose job? Public cannot help to wonder whether or not Kerry Washington go under the knife to enhance her appearance. They may stop wondering as there is a lot of evidence to show that this female actress has done several kinds of plastic surgery including nose job. The issue of Kerry Washington nose job is rolling to public as people recognize some differences on her looks. She looks more beautiful instead of looking like Kerry Washington who first started her acting debut. It is no surprise when public suspect plastic surgery is her secret.

Kerry Washington Nose Surgery

This 36-year old actress looks more beautiful than her appearance in a few years ago. Is it because she has found a proper makeup? Makeup will not give her such amazing new nose. Kerry Washington is suspected to have nose job as people come to recognize that her current nose is quite thinner and narrower than before. She used to have a nose with wide bridge and bulbous tip. She probably found that it bothers her so much that she decided to refine her nose. In fact, it is actually a nice decision as she has a better nose shape now.

Kerry Washington Nose Job

When we are comparing Kerry Washington before and after photos, it is quite easy to find out that nose job is not the only procedure she took. Many people claim that Kerry made some things done in her face including Botox injections, cheek augmentation and eyelid surgery as well. She has smooth forehead that make people easily find that it is the result of Botox injection. Moreover, her cheeks look fuller and plumper, which may be the result of cheek augmentation. Well, Kerry Washington nose job seems more than just a rumor as it gives her enhancement.

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