Kelly Rowland Nose Job Before & After

Kelly Rowland Nose Job

Kelly Rowland is a recording artist and is most well known as one of the founding members of the all girl’s singing group Destiny’s Child. She has been very forthcoming regarding a breast augmentation she had in the past. Kelly believes that since more and more people are considering plastic surgery, she feels that it is important to educate them on the necessity of getting the procedure done properly and by a licensed professional. In 2013, she revealed she has also had rhinoplasty, more commonly known as a nose job.

Kelly Rowland Nose Job Surgery

Even though Kelly has not been forthcoming about the specific details of the surgery itself, plastic surgery professionals agree that her nose appears to be more defined and well shaped. The bridge is much narrower and fits her face very well. The general consensus is that she had the bridge of her nose shaved and the tip reshaped so that it is thinner and a bit sharper. Her nose is now in much better proportion to her face, whereas her old nose seemed to be a bit too wide with a rounded nasal tip. Kelly is naturally very proud of her new look, and shows it off whenever she gets a chance.

Kelly Rowland Nose Job Before & After

Kelly is one example of a nose job done right. The new look only enhances her natural beauty and does not detract from it. Her nose looks natural, not plastic or artificial in any way. She sets the standard for the way plastic surgery should be done: subtly, naturally, and professionally.

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