Kelly Rowland Breast Implants Before & After

Kelly Rowland Breast Implants

Kelly Rowland, the former Destiny’s Child singer, has realized the dream of many small breasted women. She now has larger girls and that wonder of womanhood, cleavage. Rowland is adamant that the breast implants were for her own enjoyment and no one else’s. As any small chested woman can tell you, it’s no fun to put on a dress just to realize that you look like a table stood up on its end.

One major and adorable reason Kelly Rowland decided to get breast implants, was to fit perfectly into one hot little top that she adored. Did it work? Without a doubt. She loves her new breasts and the way they look in her favorite clothes. While Kelly has always had a beautiful figure and face, she wanted to give the girls a boost. Apparently Rowland added a bit of nose work to the transformation as well, taking her entire look from cute to sexy and sassy.

Kelly Rowland Boob Job

Deciding to get breast implants, was not a decision she jumped into lightly. Kelly Rowland wanted to go the plastic surgery route years ago, but followed wise advice and held out for 10 years. Though Kelly was only 18 when she first decided she wanted to enhance her breasts, she warns young girls of the gravity of this decision.  The happy, healthy Rowland believes that waiting and preparing both her mind and body for the change, was the best way she could have proceeded.

Kelly Rowland’s breast implants and nose job are not the only way this young diva is enhancing her beauty. Kelly takes care of her body by eating healthy and exercising, with and without a personal trainer, to maintain her gorgeous figure. Her almost daily workout routine and healthy eating, combined with the breast implant surgery, leave the regal Rowland looking fabulous, fit, and feisty.

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