Kellie Pickler Plastic Surgery Before & After

Kellie Pickler Boob Job Before & After

Plastic surgery is nothing new when it comes to celebrities. Most celebrities will admit that the pressure of their careers and the need to be forever young has pushed them under the knife in the pursuit of perfection and the attempt to avoid the consequences of aging. Many celebrities have the financial resources beyond most of us, making it even easier to fight off the signs of aging and to attempt to correct minor faults that the rest of us just learn to live with.

There has been much discussion about American Idol sweetheart Kellie Pickler and the possibilities of plastic surgery. Kellie has always been considered a very attractive young woman, however some major changes were noticed following her climb to fame that were noticeable and difficult to explain through conventional methods.

Most apparent was Kellie’s nearly overnight change from nearly flat chested to a buxom bombshell. An increase of several cup sizes was noticed and could not be disregarded as due to weight gain. While Kellie would not be the first starlet to use breast augmentation to increase her attractiveness to the opposite sex, her failure to admit using surgical methods to explain the obvious change met some controversy.

Kellie Pickler plastic surgery

More recently, Kellie has been sporting a wide-eyed, rosy cheeked look that appears meant to make her look rejuvenated and younger. Her rising eyebrows and relaxed brow have drawn attention from Hollywood surgeons pointing out that these features are generally related to liberal use of Botox, as well as the possibility of an eyelid lift to reduce skin in the eye area. The poor results of these treatments can lead to a constant wide-eyed “surprised” look. Kellie’s cheeks appear to have gained some padding, leading some doctors to imply that she may have utilized cheek implants or fillers to plump up her cheeks to offer volume to her face.

Few people, or doctors, doubt that Kellie Pickler has used lip filler to give her fabulous “pout” lips that are pursued by nearly all female celebrities. It appears from recent photographs that Kellie may have had some shaping done to her nose, reducing the projection and width, and her lips may be an attempt to counterbalance this procedure. Although there is no doubt that Kellie Pickler remains a beautiful woman, many fans seem to prefer her original, natural and untouched, look over one more sanitized and shaped to reflect American cultural desires.

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