Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before and After

Kathy Griffin becomes very open as she confessed that the plastic surgery rumor is real. By her confession, the lists of Hollywood celebrities who take plastic surgery become a little bit longer. However, we should appreciate her honesty as only few of celebrities want to admit that they have undergone surgery to improve their look. The rest of them keep it as their secret and prefer to insist that their perfect body is natural.

Kathy Griffin Liposuction

Well, getting back to plastic surgery undergone by Kathy Griffin, she confessed that she had taken some surgeries to improve her look. Based on Kathy Griffin surgery confession, she had a nose job to restructure her nose. She also admitted that she had ever done liposuction. Brow lift, cosmetic dental implants and chemical skin peels are all included in her surgery procedures. Wow, it is quite surprising to know the long lists of her surgery procedures.

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Procedures

When being asked about the reason of taking some kinds of surgery, this comedian answered the question with simple and sensible statements. She was a female comedian and she wanted to be pretty in every time and everywhere. She did not want to let anything change the way she looked. That is the reason to keep her appearance by taking plastic surgery. Her honest confession about surgery seems to change the way people look at her. Instead of mocking her decision to undergo plastic surgery, people try to respect her decision.

Kathy Griffin Cosmetic Surgery

The Kathy Griffin plastic surgery before and after photos shows a different look of Kathy Griffin. Of course, she looks happier and younger after taking some plastic surgeries. She looks younger at her current age. Even though plastic surgery is painful, she seems to be satisfied with the result of her surgery.

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