Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Confession

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before & After

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before & After

Julie Chen plastic surgery confession on national TV has made a lot of noises and even started debates about the still ever-present issue of racism in the United States. As a popular news anchor and TV personality, Chen claims to have been subjected to racist comments about her looks especially her facial features. Back in Dayton, Ohio, she was informed by the news director that her dominant Asian features, particularly her eyes were affecting her abilities as a host because she looked “disinterested” when interviewing a guest.

This instance apparently prompted her to get cosmetic surgery on her eyes to make them look “less Asian” and more American/Caucasian. The method essentially made her eyes look a bit larger as opposed to the natural slope shape, which is a common trait in people of Asian descent. She claims that the feedback provided by the news director put immense pressure on her to make drastic changes in her physical appearance.

Julie Chen Plastic Surgery

While her eyes were the main focus of the confession she made, it is also apparent that she had her nose done as well based on the before and after photos she given herself. This admission is particularly poignant because it proves that even popular celebrities who have made a name for themselves based on the merits of their hard work are not immune to the pressure of needing to look best.

Julie Chen has always been considered a very attractive woman, even before her plastic surgery. Today, however, she feels that she is now accepted by more people because of her “Westernized” look. According to Chen, she does not regret having the procedure done but she is also not looking forward to getting any more surgery to improve upon her looks.

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