Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Disaster

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery

Evangelist Joyce Meyer has been known for her uplifting and charismatic messages. Thousands follow her sermons and teachings to improve their daily life and better their relationship with God. Many people tune in faithfully to her television show to listen and learn how to better follow the divine path as Christians, however recently more and more people tune in, not to hear her message, but to see the results of what appears to be a botched plastic surgery attempt.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery before and after

Joyce Meyer is in her seventh decade, so it is certainly expected that she would show some age related changes at this point in her life.  Wrinkles are to be expected, but viewers tuning in to her program are transfixed by the changes to her face that have nothing to do with age.  Joyce’s recent look is reminiscent of the scarred face of the Joker from the Batman movies. Her lips create a distinct beak look and the corners of her mouth are exaggerated, creating a permanent smirk. Forums ablaze in discussion of this new look has described it as varying between artificial and creepy.

Joyce Meyer Facelift

It’s unclear exactly what surgical procedure Joyce had done, and she has been unwilling to talk about her experience, however many doctors have theorized that the appearance of her lips and mouth are due to a botched injection of lip plumper and filler material.  The injection of these products into the lips can paralyze muscles if done improperly and cause the development of scar tissue leading to sagging, firmness and swelling. Joyce’s mouth does seem to offer little flexibility when speaking, lending credence to this theory. This experience demonstrates that even celebrities are not immune from poor quality medical procedures and disfiguring side effects. Hopefully, Joyce’s appearance is repairable with time and a better quality procedure.

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