John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before & After

John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before & After

It is not always actress and actors from Hollywood who find themselves in the media and public glare for having done plastic surgery. Today, politicians are following suit so as to get rid of wrinkles, sagging bags under the eyes and fine lines on their face. One such politician is John Kerry.

John Kerry, who is in his early 70s has been suspected of undertaking plastic surgery. These speculations started in 2012 when he was spotted with bruised nose and two black eyes while at a celebration in the white house. Critics thought that the marks were likely to have been remnants from the surgery recovering process. However, he came out strongly to deny the allegations, saying the bruising were received while playing hockey with his family and friends.

John Kerry plastic surgery before and after photos show a completely transformed face, nose and forehead appearance with his skin appearing tight underneath his eyes and around his face and forehead. This shows the possibilities of facial fillers, brow lift, Botox injections, nose job and facial lifts.

John Kerry Plastic Surgery Picture
John Kerry Plastic Surgery

John Kerry Plastic Surgery Procedures

Facial fillers and Botox

John Kerry recent photos show a fuller and wrinkle-free face. His forehead looks smoother with diminished fine lines and crow’s feet. This shows possibilities of both facial fillers and Botox treatment. The use of too much Botox injection could have contributed to his limited range of facial motion.

Chin surgery

Critics speculate that he has had chin surgery. This comes from allegations that he doesn’t have any movement on his face. This has contributed to his distinct speech impediment. The reason for lack of facial movement is because there is a possibility his lower jaw has been moved forward so as to strengthen his chin.

Nose job

When you carefully scrutinize both the recent and previous photos of John Kerry, you will notice a big difference in the shape of his nose. Today, his nose bridge appears thinner and pinched. This is a clear indication of rhinoplasty.

What is so positive about the his surgery is that it has not gone all wrong. The 70 years old politician appears more handsome and youthful. At his age, it is expected of him to have wrinkles on the face and sagging skin under the eyes. However, John Kerry has a wrinkled-free facial appearance which naturally looks young.

Despite many allegations associating John Kerry with plastic surgery, he has not come out in public to confirm the speculations.

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