Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos

Holly Madison Breast Implants

Holly Madison before plastic surgery is like a woman without confidence. She was on the way to finding her self-esteem back when she decided to go under the knife. Holly Madison is just another celebrity who dares herself to undergo the painful plastic surgery to get a perfect body. Madison claimed that she had low self-esteem before went under the knife. Fortunately, she dared herself and let some parts of her body done. As a result, she is what we see now.  A woman with confidence and happiness wherever she goes. Plastic surgery apparently has brought Holly Madison’s life back.

Holly Madison is known to undergo some cosmetic procedures to modify some parts of her body. A breast augmentation and nose job are two surgical treatments done by Madison. Perhaps we thought that Madison before surgery was kind of a natural perfect woman. Unfortunately, Madison had low self-esteem with her appearance at that time. Therefore, she decided to undergo some plastic surgeries to get what she wanted. Madison admitted that she has disappointing breasts size which made her less attractive. It became the motive of her boob job. Well now we can see what Madison wanted to her breasts.

Holly Madison Plastic Surgery Before & After

Plastic surgery was chosen as it was kind of pretty easy way to enhance her appearance. She admitted that the surgery brought her what she wanted. She had her career and she was more confident with it. She used to think that she had a big nose which was totally exposed in the photographs. In order to support her career in the entertainment industry, she thought that her nose should be fixed. Hence, she let the plastic surgeon did their job. It seemed to be a precise decision as she got her confidence back. Indeed, her career became much brighter than ever.

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