Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Before & After

Hillary Clinton sure looks refreshed for a woman of her age, don’t you think? Many couldn’t help but notice how different she look during her campaign for Democratic presidential nomination. Hillary didn’t use to be so bright-eyed, and fresh faced as she looked. So, was she getting lots of vacations? Off-rest? Or, did she develop a relationship with a plastic surgeon?

Well, the former US democrat presidential candidate is rumored to have undergone numerous surgery procedures to achieve her looks, and she looks younger with her refreshed skin. It certainly looks obvious that she had plastic surgery on her face since her decision to run for political office. A look at the past pictures of the former First Lady tells the exact story, and show how much she has changed.

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Before & After

Her eyes look refreshed, more open and wider, and her eyelids no longer appear droopy as her previous photos show. This suggests that she may have undergone eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) in the past.

To soften her wrinkles and the depressions around her eyes and forehead, Hillary could have used Botox injections and Restylane or some fillers. Gone also are the parentheses lines above the bridge of her nose between the eyebrows, which are usually handled by Botox injections.

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Before After

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Picture

She also has a fairly clean and taut neckline that’s not sagging, and a neck lift can explain this. Her jawline is tighter and smoother as well than her past photos show, the jowls look softened and minimized, suggesting that she may have had her facelift slightly.

A chemical peel, laser skin resurfacing and dermabrasion could have given her skin a brighter tone and eliminated the damaged layers of the skin and allowed the emergence of a younger one.

While some people could argue that her general look could be as a result of excellent makeup or lighting, it is still difficult to attribute each and every of her physical improvement to these temporary fixes.

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