Hillary Clinton Facelift – Fact or Fiction?

The outgoing Secretary of State has had her share of intrigue over the years, most of which involved her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Recently, however, Hillary Clinton has become popular tabloid fodder due to rumors of her getting plastic surgery. So is the Hillary Clinton facelift story true or not? According to several sources, some half decent and reliable, Clinton did undergo facelift in addition to other minor non-surgical procedures in an attempt to look (and feel) years younger. Not surprisingly, the former first lady is not as open or candid about this subject as she is with other areas of her personal and professional life.

Hillary Clinton Facelift Before & After

Hillary Clinton Facelift Before & After

The rumors about Clinton’s supposed facelift procedure started circulating right around the time of the 2008 Presidential nomination. While she and her supporters are busy campaigning for her nomination by the Democratic Party, the media have been in frenzy about the changes in her physical appearance. Needless to say, a large number of Americans as well as other people from overseas are wondering whether Clinton really had work done on her face because her lines (especially around the mouth and eyes) have dramatically receded. Based on her recent photos, the assumption may not be too farfetched at all. To be fair, however, her recent trips to the hospital have been due to serious health concerns such as the brain clot from which she is still recovering.

Hillary Clinton Facelift

Plastic surgery or not, at 66 years old, Clinton does not look half bad at all. She may not be gracing the cover of Vogue or any beauty-centric magazine any time soon, but she is definitely aging quite well. If she indeed had work done, her plastic surgeon did a great job in keeping her features looking natural instead of the often tragic results seen on celebrities who look too stretched out (see Mickey Rourke plastic surgery nightmare story) or artificial.

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