Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery Before & After

Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery Before & After

Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery Before & After

Gretchen Rossi is one of the most recognizable Housewife in the Real Housewives Franchise, and for good reason. This bombshell is the epitome of Orange County beauty, as she is blonde, skinny, and has been under the knife a few times. Being a popular TV personality, it is not at all surprising that there are tons of Gretchen Rossi plastic surgery photos all over the internet.

Based on the photographic evidence, it appears she had extensive work done on her face, particularly her cheeks, lips, eyes, and nose. Quite recently, she also got breast implants since her chest was not as ample as some of the other Housewives- case in point is fellow OC cast mate Tamara Barney.

Cosmetic surgery is hardly taboo among the ladies of the Real Housewives of Orange County and all the other franchises of this popular Bravo show. However, Gretchen Rossi is among the youngest housewives in the history of the show so her penchant for getting procedures made have been discussed and even critiqued by some people.

Gretchen Rossi Plastic Surgery

Rossi has never denied having done plastic surgery, but she is not one to talk about it a great deal either. Early in her career as an OC Housewife, she was mum when it comes to rumors of her getting surgery. To be fair, she did look attractive even before getting cosmetic improvements.

However, it cannot be denied that the pressure to look stunning and young is severe when you are a star in a reality show. That said; Rossi has not gone overboard as far as the extent of her procedures. She still looks more or less natural, and her face has not yet reached the “frozen look”, which is common among ladies (and some gents) who get Botox injections every other month or so.

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